Form SPAM Prevention

The alternative to the Captchas. If you haven’t already heard, I’ve come up with a solution for form spam prevention that seems “to be more effective than other ways” according to The Email Wars blog.

Personally I always found those Captchas an annoying waste of time when I was trying to fill out a form. Therefore as a designer I decided not to use them and came up with this idea instead. I should probably point out that this is not a totally new idea all my own.

This solution is actually just taking some of the core basics to site design that I’ve learned. The solution is actually two parts:

1) Form Validation:

if (!empty($_POST[‘formElement’])) {
put code for spam bot submission here or just error out.
}else {
put code for good submissions here.

2) CSS Standards:

The only other part is to use CSS Standards to hide the form element from valid site visitors, or show that they should not fill in the form element.

Thus, at the end of the day we’ve made one less thing for our good site visitors and pot the extra work on the spammer.

**Note that this only prevents what is known as a spam bot or automated form filler. A human would still be able to submit unwanted information by actually filling out the form. But most spammers won’t take the time.**

  • Robb

    That is freaking awesome. Good use of logic.

  • Robb

    That is freaking awesome. Good use of logic.