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Michigan State’s Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

I was interviewed by Justin Ware of Bentz Whaley Flessner to discuss crowdfunding and the potential impact on philanthropy for higher education. I cannot say it better than Justin, “crowdfunding is helping the University identify more new donors and communicate the impact of philanthropy to all donors, big and small”. Check out Justin’s story and the interview to learn more about MSU’s success with crowdfunding.


Sparty kick starts Crowdfunding at Michigan State University

Earlier this month our beloved mascot, Sparty, helped us launch the first successful crowdfunding project at Michigan State University. Sparty has helped us explore the new trending fundraising opportunity known as crowdfunding (sites like: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Petridish, etc.) that has quickly taken the nation and higher education by storm.


Social Media Integration Strategy Improves the 2010 Pride of Arkansas Tour

Unlike what you typically find when someone is talking about social media integration/marketing campaign I’m not referring to the act of putting your message everywhere and simply shouting it to the world. This is quite a common tactic for marketing groups to say that they have done a social media campaign simply by pushing their message everywhere they possibly can. Yet, if you’ve spent a little time in the social media world you know that simply won’t suffice anymore. Instead, I took this opportunity to help the Association integrate the true value of social media, one-to-one connections, into the event and increase the understanding of why we’ve been taking this “everyone is a person” approach to our social media marketing efforts. I’m glad to say that all our efforts are continuing to pay off.


Are Alumni E-Newsletters Passé?

I frequently hear concerns around the idea that e-newsletters are outdated or even unnecessary due to social media marketing efforts. Nowadays with Facebook, Twitter and blogs we can communicate more often than once a month or every other month, so are e-newsletters really fulfilling the needs for our alumni & friends? Email is NOT dead!


Social Media & Fundraising Round Table at the 2010 AFP Northwest Arkansas Chapter Summit

If you haven’t heard yet then it is with great pride that I got to attend the 2010 Association of Fundraising Professionals Northwest Arkansas Chapter Summit this year on September 9, 2010 at the Jones Center for Families in Springdale. I was invited back again this year to talk about “Social Media” and how it can be useful for fundraising professionals.